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The duality of data

Duality of data figure

I made a (futile) attempt to define phenomena studied by information systems dicipline. 3 min read in Medium — 30 August 2023

Book chapter

Journal of Management Information Systems cover

My chapter Strategizing with Data: Data-based Innovations and Complementaries with Cristina Alaimo was published in Research Handbook on Digital Strategy — 10 May 2023

Social media was consuming me

Facebook Alien

Twitter and LinkedIn are useful tools for supporting your academic career, but avoid being drawn into the algorithmic games of Facebook. 6 min read in Medium — 26 January 2022

How to count the review rounds?

Review rounds schema

Confused how to communicate the status of your manuscript submitted to a peer-reviewed journal exactly? Here is how! 2 min read in Medium — 10 January 2022

Gender bias in Management Information Systems

Silvia Masiero and I reflect upon gender bias in the academic field of information systems. 4 min read in Medium — 8 December 2021

There is no self-plagiarism

Drawing hands

Plagiarism is a gross academic misconduct that should be treated with zero tolerance – yet, there is no such thing as self-plagiarism. 2 min read in Medium — 4 October 2021

Journal publication

Journal of Management Information Systems cover

Journal of Management Information Systems published my article The Making of Data Commodities: Data Analytics as an Embedded Process with Cristina Alaimo and Jannis Kallinikos. Full text is available here. — 6 August 2021

Academia as competition

Rocky stairs

Competition in academia is great – but we must see it differently. 8 min read in Medium — 24 May 2021

I deleted my account

Pile of poo emoji

The social platform for academics will happily turn publishing into a rapid-fire game of quick, shallow publications, likes, meaningless citations and other vanity metrics. 3 min read in Medium — 3 April 2021

Solutions that create problems

Technology breeds more technology by creating problems that need technological solutions. 3 min read in Medium — 13 March 2021

A vocabulary of data science concepts

I wrote a simple summary of fundamental data science concepts for undergraduate students at Temple University. 2 min read in Medium — 5 February 2021

Paying for peer reviews is a bad idea


Paying for academic peer reviews is a well-intentioned bad idea. This post explains why. 5 min read in Medium — 24 November 2020

Book chapter

Handbook of Digital Innovation cover

Our chapter with Cristina Alaimo and Jannis Kallinikos on data-based value creation has been published in Handbook of Digital Innovation. — July 2020

Donald Trump is smarter than you think


Donald Trump sucks intellectual energy more effectively than anything else we have ever seen. 2 min read in Medium — 25 April 2020

Hack from Home winners!

Hack from Home sharetrace thumbnail

My team Health Traffic Lights won Hack from Home COVID-19 hackathon 4–5 April. The project is now called 'sharetrace' and aims to develop a truly private exposure and risk assessment solution to the coronavirus pandemic. More about the project at — 15 April 2020

Virus outbreak/zombie movies to watch

Train to Busan thumbnail

Having to spend lots of time indoors recently? Take the opportunity to educate yourself with a timely selection of virus outbreak/zombie movies. 1 min read in Medium — 7 April 2020

The right time to take action?

COVID-19 thumbnail

A decision when to take an action can be just as important as the action that is taken. 2 min read in Medium — 26 March 2020

The more you measure them...

Prisoners dilemma thumbnail

...the more they will game you. A brief summary of our findings on the use of people analytics with Marta Stelmaszak. 4 min read in Medium — 10 January 2020

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